Fascinating ROI: A Team of 5 SEO Professionals vs a single SEO player compensation rate

Maximize Your ROI with Our 5-Professional SEO Team: 60 Dedicated Hours vs. 40 Workable Hours Per Week for Unbeatable Impact and Value

Exceptional SEO Mastery

Unbeatable SEO Expertise

As the SEO Team’s Director, Cristobal Varela has spearheaded international SEO agency strategies, contributing to the establishment of industry best practices, and laying a rock-solid foundation of technical requirements for websites to foster organic growth. With a wealth of experience in orchestrating successful SEO projects, Cristobal’s leadership has consistently driven businesses towards achieving remarkable results in the ever-evolving digital landscape.
We understand that in the ever-evolving digital landscape, achieving unparalleled search engine optimization results requires a strategic and collaborative approach. That’s why we’ve assembled a dynamic team of 5 dedicated SEO professionals who are experts in their respective fields and passionate about delivering exceptional outcomes for your business. With a combined commitment of 60 dedicated hours per week, our team far surpasses the capabilities and experience of a single SEO specialist working 40 hours. We’re here to help you maximize your ROI, elevate your organic online search presence, and unlock unbeatable value. Your journey to SEO success begins with us.

10 Benefits to Hire Our Team of 5 SEO Professionals vs a Single SEO Specialist

Holistic Expertise

The team collectively covers the entire SEO spectrum, enabling them to effectively address complex challenges. 

Strategic Direction

The SEO Leader crafts a tailored SEO strategy aligned with your business goals and objectives making sure it is properly executed. 

Diverse Specialization

Each team member’s specialized skills contribute to a comprehensive approach to SEO, fostering proactive problem-solving. 

Versatile Efficiency

Tackle multiple facets of SEO simultaneously, increasing the overall effectiveness and speed of your SEO project.

Productivity Boost

60 vs 40 work hours, an extra 50% in work hours significantly enhances the overall project goal achievement.

Superior Scalability

The team can handle larger and more complex SEO projects, making it easier to scale your SEO efforts as your business grows.

Workload Optimization

Strategic distribution of work hours maintains high work quality within the team avoiding burnout. 

Cost Effectiveness

With our approach hiring a team of 5 SEO professionals is the same cost as hiring a single SEO Specialist. 

SEO Excellence

Stringent Quality Control fuels consistent high-quality SEO impact resulting in substantial improvements in search rankings. 

Superb Adaptability

Diversity and collective knowledge make us adaptable to changes in the SEO landscape, allowing for quicker response time.

Experience the Difference of Working with a Team of 5 Dedicated Professionals to Boost Your SEO Project

Elevate Your Online Presence with 5 SEO Experts at Your Service

Combined Expertise

Our team includes an SEO Director, Project Manager, SEO Analyst, SEO Technical Specialist, and SEO Content Specialist. Each member brings their unique skills and experience to the table, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic SEO strategy. With diverse backgrounds and perspectives, we can address a wide range of challenges and opportunities.

Task Allocation

Our time allocation strategy is designed for maximum efficiency. We will provide a total of 60 hours per week for your project, with clear roles and responsibilities.

  • The SEO Director will devote 5 hours a week to strategic oversight, ensuring your SEO strategy aligns with your business goals.
  • The Project Manager will dedicate 10 hours a week to project coordination and communication, streamlining workflows and ensuring timely execution.
  • The remaining 45 hours will be split between the SEO Analyst, SEO Technical Specialist, and the SEO Content Specialist, allowing for focused and specialized attention to technical SEO and content optimization.

Comprehensive Approach

Our team covers all facets of SEO, from strategic planning and project management to technical optimization and content creation. This ensures that every aspect of your SEO project is handled with precision and expertise. Our commitment drives us to constantly explore and implement methods for ranking higher and attracting more organic visits.

Our SEO Team Tasks Breakdown

We believe transparency and clarity are paramount when showcasing the value our SEO team brings to your digital strategy. In this overview, we reveal the collective expertise, unique roles, and precisely defined responsibilities that constitute the engine driving your online success. Our professional SEO team is a well-oiled machine meticulously fine-tuned to deliver optimal results. 

SEO Director

  • Develop and execute overarching SEO strategies aligned with business goals. 
  • Lead and manage the SEO team, providing guidance and mentoring. 
  • Establish KPIs and regularly assess and report on SEO performance. 
  • Collaborate with other departments to ensure SEO integration into overall marketing efforts.
  • Stay updated on industry trends and algorithm changes, adjusting strategies accordingly. 
  •  Engage with clients or stakeholders to present strategies and results. 

SEO Project Manager

  • Plan, organize, and execute SEO projects, defining clear objectives and timelines. 
  • Coordinate team efforts, delegating tasks, and ensuring project milestones are met. 
  • Communicate project status to stakeholders and manage expectations. 
  • Ensure the delivery of SEO projects within scope, budget, and schedule.
  • Oversee the execution of comprehensive technical SEO audits. 
  • Manage SEO resource allocation. 
  • Stay updated on SEO trends and algorithm changes.

SEO Analyst

  • Perform in-depth keyword research and analysis to identify opportunities. 
  • Monitor and analyze website traffic, rankings, and user behavior. 
  • Generate regular SEO reports with insights and recommendations. 
  • Conduct competitive analysis to identify gaps and opportunities. 
  • Assist in the optimization of on-page elements like meta tags and content. 
  • Utilize SEO tools and analytics platforms for data-driven decision-making. 
  • Assist in identifying technical issues affecting SEO performance. 

SEO Technical Specialist

  • Conduct technical SEO audits to identify website issues and recommend fixes.
  • Optimize website structure, URL architecture, and page load speed. 
  • Implement canonical tags, schema markup, and other structured data. 
  • Manage website redirects and resolve crawl errors. 
  • Ensure mobile-friendliness and optimize for mobile and desktop SEO. 
  • Collaborate with developers to implement technical SEO recommendations. 
  • Stay updated on search engine algorithm updates affecting technical SEO. 
  • Monitor KPIs and adapt strategies for effective SEO results.

SEO Content Specialist

  • Audit and optimize for SEO-friendly high-quality content. 
  • Perform keyword research to inform content strategy. 
  • Develop content calendars and align content with SEO objectives. 
  • Ensure content is engaging, valuable, and relevant to the target audience. 
  • Optimize on-page content, including meta titles, descriptions, and headings. 
  • Collaborate with SEO analyst for data-driven content improvements. 
  • Track content performance and adjust strategies based on user engagement. 
  • Stay updated on industry trends and content optimization techniques. 

By choosing our team of five SEO professionals, you gain access to a diverse skill set and benefit from the collaborative synergy of our professionals. We are committed to delivering results that go beyond the capabilities of a single SEO staff element, all within the scope of your provided compensation. 

We look forward to discussing how our team can bring exceptional value to your SEO project. Please feel free to reach out to schedule a meeting or ask any questions you may have. Thank you for considering us as your trusted SEO partners. 

Our Satisfied Clients

Scope of Work: Your New Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Laying a solid foundation for successful SEO objectives. As a hiring manager, you understand the value of a well-structured strategy. Here, we meticulously profile your project, align SEO efforts with clear business objectives, and identify key elements such as your audience, keywords, and competitors. Our commitment to precision extends, if needed, to geographical targeting, multilingual optimization, and seamless project management. With us, you’ll witness how a strategic approach ensures that every step is a step toward achieving your business goals. 

  • Build project profile: We will meticulously profile your project, ensuring a deep understanding of your business, its unique challenges, and objectives. 
  • Identify objectives and goals: Our team will work closely with you to define clear, measurable goals, aligning SEO efforts with your overarching business objectives. 
  • Identify the audience: By identifying your target audience, we can tailor our SEO strategy to engage and convert the right visitors. 
  • Identify 5+ initial keywords for the project: A high-level but solid understanding of keywords for the project is crucial. We’ll research and select relevant keywords to drive targeted traffic. 
  • Identify 3+ competitors in niche and search engine rankings: Understanding your competitors allows us to benchmark performance and develop strategies to outperform them. 
  • Identify geography for the project: We’ll pinpoint the geographic regions relevant to your business to enhance local SEO efforts. 
  • Identify languages for the project: For multilingual sites, we’ll ensure proper language targeting, expanding your reach. 
  • Create the website org chart: This organizational chart ensures seamless communication and collaboration throughout the project helping us to understand the interlinking of the website. 
  • Create a space in SharePoint to share project items: Our efficient project management system guarantees transparent communication and easy access to project materials. 

Transforming your competitors into opportunities. As a hiring manager, you appreciate the importance of staying ahead in the digital landscape. Here, we define competitor profiles, unveiling gaps and opportunities within your niche. Our strategic skill allows us to create an SEO roadmap that overcomes your competitors’ efforts and propels you beyond. We emphasize collaboration with you, ensuring that our strategies align seamlessly with the business objectives. 

  • Define competitor’s profiles: Thorough competitor analysis enables us to identify opportunities and gaps in your niche. 
  • Discover opportunity gaps: We’ll uncover opportunities where your competitors may be falling short, allowing you to gain a competitive edge. 
  • Define an SEO roadmap to overcome competitor’s efforts: By strategically planning your SEO roadmap, we’ll position you to surpass your competitors. 
  • Review competitor analysis with client: Collaboration with you ensures alignment with your vision and goals. 

Where precision meets strategy. As a hiring manager, you understand that success in the digital landscape begins with the right keywords. Here, we craft a keyword universe tailored to your project, ensuring your content resonates with the most valuable keywords. Our expertise extends to evaluating keyword difficulty, intent, and search volume, allowing us to prioritize high-impact keywords. We leave no gaps in your keyword strategy, ensuring comprehensive coverage that propels your digital presence forward. Join us in the quest for strategic excellence, where keywords are the key to unlocking your success. 

  • Create a keyword universe for the project: Our extensive keyword research ensures your content targets the most valuable keywords. 
  • Define the keyword difficulty, intent, and search volume: By assessing keyword metrics, we prioritize keywords with the highest potential impact. 
  • Discover keyword gaps: Identifying gaps in your keyword strategy ensures comprehensive coverage. 

Where precision meets purpose in crafting your online presence. As a hiring manager, you appreciate the importance of clarity and intent in every web page. Here, we meticulously create page profiles that serve as the guiding compass for content optimization, all aligned with overarching project objectives. We define content objectives, ensuring that each page has a distinct purpose. Our strategic keyword usage, local SEO approach, and optimized page titles and meta tags enhance search engine visibility. Properly structured H tags improve content organization and user experience. Collaboration with you is key as we review each page profile, guaranteeing that your vision seamlessly integrates into each page’s objectives. Join us in the journey to create web pages that are not just pages but purposeful gateways to success. 

  • Create a page profile: Page profiles guide content optimization efforts, aligning with the overall project objectives. 
  • Extract web page content and define objectives: Content objectives ensure that each page serves a specific purpose. 
  • Define usage of keywords per page: Strategic keyword usage optimizes content for search engines. 
  • Define local SEO approach per page: Local SEO strategies enhance visibility in relevant geographic areas. 
  • Define keywords for page title and meta tag description: Optimized titles and meta tags improve click-through rates and SEO performance. 
  • Define H tags structure and values: Proper H tags improve content structure and user experience. 
  • Review each page profile with the client: Collaboration ensures your vision is integrated into each page’s objectives. 

Where the foundation of your online presence is meticulously crafted. As a hiring manager, you understand that a well-structured URL can make all the difference in user experience and SEO performance. Here, we leave no stone unturned as we analyze your website’s URL structure, optimizing it to enhance both user navigation and SEO impact. Our expertise extends to defining category-based URL structures and implementing redirect rules when needed, ensuring a seamless transition while maintaining SEO value. We prioritize secure protocols with HTTPS, essential for user trust and SEO ranking. Additionally, we master the art of canonicalization to prevent any duplicate content issues, leaving your digital footprint unblemished. Join us as we lay the groundwork for a strong and reliable online presence. 

  • Analyze the website’s URL structure: An optimized URL structure enhances user experience and SEO. 
  • Define a category-base URL structure: Organized URLs improve site navigation. 
  • Define redirect rules as needed: Redirects maintain SEO value when making structural changes. 
  • Handle an HTTPS secure protocol: Secure protocols are essential for user trust and SEO. 
  • Implement canonical URLs: Canonicalization prevents duplicate content issues. 

Where content takes center stage in your digital strategy. As a hiring manager, you recognize the pivotal role that content plays in online success. Here, we embark on a journey to optimize every facet of your web pages’ content. We begin with a comprehensive SEO audit, evaluating existing content against project objectives. Our meticulous analysis extends to keyword density, ensuring content relevance. We then fine-tune on-page elements such as slugs, page titles, meta descriptions, and H tags, all designed to elevate your search engine visibility. Strategic keyword usage is our hallmark, ensuring that your content doesn’t compete with itself but harmonizes seamlessly. Join us in the pursuit of content excellence, where each word is a strategic step towards your digital triumph. 

  • Perform an SEO Audit to current content and review content goals: Content audits identify areas for improvement, aligning content with project objectives. 
  • Determine current keyword density: Keyword density optimization enhances content relevance. 
  • Review and optimize on-page elements: Optimizing slug, page title, meta descriptions, and H tags improves search engine visibility. 
  • Review and optimize the usage of keywords: Strategic keyword usage avoids keyword cannibalization. 
  • Review content updates with the client before implementation: Collaboration ensures content reflects your brand and goals. 

Where we understand that images speak volumes in the digital landscape. As a hiring manager, you know that image optimization is more than just aesthetics; it’s a crucial component of enhancing user experience and SEO performance. Here, we leave no pixel unturned as we optimize every aspect of your website’s images. From the request or download of high-quality images to optimizing file names for SEO, improving image file size and dimensions for faster loading, providing ALT text and detailed descriptions for accessibility and search engine ranking, to ensuring complete image metadata, our approach is thorough and strategic. Collaboration is key, and we involve you in reviewing image optimization changes, ensuring that your branding and goals are seamlessly reflected in every image. Join us in the quest to make every image worth more than a thousand words in your digital success story. 

  • Request or download Images per page: High-quality images enhance user experience. 
  • Optimize Image File Name: Descriptive file names improve image SEO. 
  • Optimize Image File Size and Dimension: Faster loading times boost user engagement and SEO. 
  • Provide ALT text and detailed description: ALT text and descriptions improve accessibility and search engine ranking. 
  • Insert Image Meta Data (EXIF and IPTC): Complete image metadata ensures proper indexing. 
  • Review image optimization changes with the client before implementation: Collaboration ensures images align with your branding and goals. 

Where the roadmap to an optimized user experience and SEO performance unfolds. As a hiring manager, you understand that effective internal linking is the backbone of seamless navigation and topic authority. Here, we strengthen your website’s interlinking strategy, assigning descriptive anchor text to links to enhance user experience and SEO. Our commitment extends to utilizing ‘follow’ attributes, ensuring that you maximize the SEO benefits of your internal links. Join us as we pave the way for a user-friendly and search engine-optimized digital journey. 

  • Fortify interlinking strategy: Internal links enhance navigation and topic authority. 
  • Assign a descriptive anchor text to links: Descriptive anchor text improves user experience and SEO. 
  • Make links with “follow” attributes: “Follow” attributes maximize SEO benefits. 

Where we elevate your online presence through structured precision. As a hiring manager, you recognize that structured data is the cornerstone of enhanced visibility in search results and social media sharing. Here, we embark on a journey of analysis, collaboration, and customization. We begin by assessing your current structured data markup, identifying areas for improvement. Our collaborative approach ensures accurate data collection from project owners, laying the foundation for optimized and customized structured data markup. We extend our expertise to enable Facebook OpenGraph structured data for enhanced social media sharing and Twitter Cards structured data to elevate your presence on Twitter. Join us as we unlock the potential of structured data, where precision fuels your digital success. 

  • Analyze the current structured data markup: We’ll assess your current markup for improvements. 
  • Request required data to project owner: Collaborative data collection ensures accurate schema markup. 
  • Optimize and customize the structured data markup: Customized markup enhances visibility in search results. 
  • Enable Facebook OpenGraph structured data: OpenGraph enhances social media sharing. 
  • Enable Twitter Cards structured data: Twitter Cards improve Twitter sharing. 

Where the roadmap to search engine success begins. As a hiring manager, you understand that a well-structured sitemap is the foundation of proper indexing and SEO performance. Here, we embark on a journey of analysis, verification, customization, and implementation. We start by meticulously analyzing your current sitemap structure, ensuring that it’s primed for optimal performance. Verification of sitemap integrity is our next step, elevating your SEO standing. Customization ensures all essential pages are included, while implementation of an optimized sitemap structure further enhances indexing. Finally, we leave no stone unturned as we verify the implementation and submission to search engines, guaranteeing that your site is properly indexed for maximum visibility. 

  • Analyze current sitemap structure: A well-structured sitemap ensures proper indexing. 
  • Verify sitemap integrity: A validated sitemap improves SEO. 
  • Customize sitemap structure: Customization ensures all important pages are included. 
  • Implement optimized sitemap structure: An optimized sitemap enhances indexing. 
  • Verify implementation and submission to search engines: Submission ensures your site is properly indexed. 

Where we navigate the digital terrain with precision. As a hiring manager, you recognize that the path to successful search engine crawling begins here. Here, we embark on a journey of analysis, verification, collaboration, and meticulous implementation. We start by rigorously analyzing the integrity of your Robots.txt file structure, ensuring it provides clear directives for search engine crawlers. Verification of proper directives follows, guaranteeing optimal crawling for your website. Collaboration is key as we review optimized directives with the web development team, ensuring seamless implementation. Rest assured, we handle the technical intricacies and oversee the final verification to ensure directives are followed diligently. Join us as we navigate the digital realm with precision and expertise. 

  • Analyze Robots.txt file structure integrity: Proper robots.txt directives guide search engine crawlers. 
  • Verify proper Robots.txt directives: Correct directives ensure optimal crawling. 
  • Review optimized directive with the web development team: Collaboration guarantees proper implementation. 
  • Send Robots.txt file to web development for implementation: We handle the technical details. 
  • Verify implementation: Verification ensures directives are properly followed. 

Where we lay the groundwork for a flawless online presence. As a hiring manager, you understand that a robust technical foundation is the backbone of successful SEO. Here, we embark on a journey of audits, monitoring, categorization, reporting, and continuous improvement. We meticulously audit your site using advanced tools, uncovering any issues that may affect your SEO performance. Vigilant monitoring of crawl and indexed pages ensures efficient indexing, while proactive identification of technical issues prevents ranking hindrances. Prioritization is key as we categorize technical issues based on effort versus impact, ensuring efficient resolution. Transparency is our commitment as we create a comprehensive report on all technical issues found, providing you with clear insights. Our roadmap of findings is then shared with leadership, and detailed issue information is communicated to the web development team to facilitate effective resolution. We don’t stop there; we implement fixes, reaudit the website, and ensure quality assurance for continuous improvement, guaranteeing optimal performance every step of the way. 

  • Audit site using tools such as SEMrush, Google Search Console, and Core Web Vitals: Technical audits uncover issues affecting SEO. 
  • Closely monitor crawl and indexed pages: Monitoring ensures efficient indexing. 
  • Closely monitor other technical issues: Proactive issue identification prevents ranking hindrances. 
  • Categorize SEO technical issues by effort vs. impact: Prioritization ensures efficient issue resolution. 
  • Create a report on all technical issues found: Transparency keeps you informed. 
  • Send a detailed roadmap of findings to leadership: Leadership receives clear insights. 
  • Send detailed information of issues to the web development team: Collaboration ensures effective issue resolution. 
  • Fix changes, reaudit website, and QA implementation: Continuous improvement guarantees optimal performance. 

Where every word is meticulously crafted for success. As a hiring manager, you appreciate the power of optimized content. Here, we embark on a journey of audits, monitoring, alignment, prioritization, and transparent reporting. We kickstart with a thorough audit report on SEMrush and ScreamingFrog, uncovering every content issue. Strategic monitoring is our forte, as we set up keyword tracking and positioning, enabling data-driven content optimization and revealing performance improvements. Our commitment to alignment is unwavering, ensuring that content seamlessly fits with defined web page objectives, goals, and keyword research. Prioritization is key as we categorize content issues based on effort versus impact, optimizing content efficiently. Focused efforts drive results as we identify effort versus impact issues, prioritizing fixes for maximum impact. Transparency is at the core, with comprehensive reporting on all content issues found, keeping you well-informed every step of the way. 

  • Run a full audit report on SEMrush and ScreamingFrog: Comprehensive audits identify content issues. 
  • Setup keyword tracking and positioning: Monitoring enables data-driven content optimization. 
  • Closely monitor gain: Monitoring reveals performance improvements. 
  • Align content to defined web page objectives, goals, and keyword research: Content aligns with objectives. 
  • Categorize SEO content issues by effort vs. impact: Prioritization optimizes content. 
  • Identify effort vs. impact issues to prioritize fixes: Focused efforts drive results. 
  • Create a report on all content issues found: Transparent reporting keeps you informed. 
  • Review suggested changes with the client: Collaboration ensures content reflects your vision. 
  • Send detailed information of issues to the content team based on the roadmap: Collaboration ensures effective issue resolution. 
  • Fix approved changes, reaudit website, and QA implementation: Continuous improvement guarantees optimal content performance. 

Where your online presence takes flight. As a hiring manager, you understand the importance of visibility across multiple search engines. Here, we ensure your website reaches its full potential by submitting it to renowned search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other country-specific search engines. This comprehensive approach guarantees that your web pages are properly indexed, maximizing your digital reach. Join us as we broaden your horizons and ensure your online presence shines across the digital landscape. 

  • Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other country-specific search engines: Wider submission ensures comprehensive indexing. 

Where we extend your digital footprint. As a hiring manager, you recognize the significance of building strategic external links. Here, we craft a dynamic strategy aimed at creating external links that not only enhance your domain authority but also propel your search engine rankings. Join us in this strategic journey to establish a robust online presence and climb the digital ranks. 

  • Off-page SEO to maximize brand and website visibility: To boost organic visibility, we establish business profiles on platforms like Google Business Profile, Yelp, and various directories, optimizing online presence. 
  • Create an actionable strategy to create external links: Strategic link building enhances domain authority and search engine rankings. 

Each element of this scope of work is designed to maximize the effectiveness of your SEO strategy. By entrusting your project to our experienced team, you’re gaining access to a wealth of expertise and a dedicated workforce that will work tirelessly to achieve your SEO goals. Together, we’ll elevate your online presence and drive meaningful results for your business.