Graphic Design

Corporate Identity

A professional graphic designer always thinks about the big picture. How is the business going to be preserved by its audience? A uniform image that is noticeable across all media build client awareness.


A professional graphic designer must foresee the appearance of a logo in the varios applications such as a business card which is probably the smallest to embroidery which is the one of the most complex.

Social Media

As a marketer one must create engaging content, from cover graphics to amazing posts, designing the right imagery is extremely valuable for the business to connect with its audience.

Business Cards

The most important printed piece for any business should be a business card. As a graphic designer one must define the business identity to help make the best impression to the prospect client.

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As an entrepreneur the information of a product or service presented to a prospect client is extremely important. As a graphic artist the ability to transmit a clear message on a printed material is imperative.


As an Art Director Consultant and a magazine owner, designing a magazine require the ability to encompass many types of advertisers and content to keep the audience engaged.


As an invitation designer, I have created many styles, designs, shapes, and forms of invitation, including different kinds of techniques and materials from simple to crazy intricate invitations.

Vehicle Magnets

Most business owners want to showcase everything on a vehicle magnet, as a professional graphics designer, I educate clients that a moving vehicle with tiny letters will not serve the advertising purpose.

Real Estates Signs

Effective real estate signs must convey trust, corporate identity, and clarity. As a professional photographer and graphic artist, I advise clients to have a professional photo and basic info on the sign.

Print Layout and Design Templates

As a printer and graphic designer, I have experienced all the features such as gripper, gutter, folding and perforation guides, bleeds, trim zone, safe zone, pagination and others.


As a web designer the ability to make a website intuitive, user friendly, and esthetical is essential. Additionally, the technical skills needed to have an optimized website is key to outperform competitors.

Photo Editing

As a photographer sometimes, at fast-paced events, taking spontaneous photos can be challenging. I have captured exceptional moments which require a little retouching to make it the greatest shot.

Photo Restoration

Unfortunately, printed pictures wear and tear. The saddest thing is when the only physical memory we posse ages, decolorates, cracks, scratches, or gets ruined by moister. Photo restoration is the solution.


The cleanest embroidery is done with simple designs. As a graphic designer one is responsible to advise the client, complex designs translate into higher costs which in some cases is inevitable.

Presentation Folders

As a business owner, how my client perceives my business, is extremely valuable. I have adopted the creation of presentations folders to “seal the deal”, it is amazing how a beautiful folder can help.


As a graphic designer I have noticed that letterheads are undervalued. However, clients do notice and when a business delivers branded material, they are confident to do business again with your company.


The spacing to write on an invoice is essential, as a graphic designer one needs to understand rows and columns spaces to create a effective invoice and consider the basic business information.

Event and Raffle Tickets

There are a few differences from an event ticket to a raffle ticket, however, it is important to setup the number sequence on the ticket and the stub so they can refer to the party who bought it.

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Receiving a branded envelope in the mail, automatically reveals what your client is expecting. As a senior graphic designer, I believe branding is extremely important to gain audience and clients.


As a marketer, I have created simple, effective, and creative notepads for tradeshow handouts. The creativeness is collating a couple of coupons and product descriptions within the notepad.

Video Editing

My photography profession has also brought me into videography and editing. Materials I created are social media videos, full wedding event editing, motion graphics, sound, voice overlay, and effects.

Video Logo Animation

Nowadays, an animated logo is engaging and is no longer a luxury, it is a necessity. The brand awareness is higher which helps gain loyal audience which are confident to engage with your company.

Laser Cut Designs

The ability to create exclusive pieces of art with a laser cutter is phenomenal. Working with wood, acrylic, and paper is inspiring to create invitations, business cards, award plaques and many other things.

Batch Image Processing

When one sees the opportunity to make a tedious task into an effective way to automate work. One investigates, innovates and delivers a solution reducing 10-minute task to 20 seconds, it amazing!